About Us

Welcome to Art Payments!

We take pride in providing the world with the best financial services money can buy. Our team consists of only financial experts and professional brokers with many years of activity in their fields. Together, we aim to help anyone and everyone overcome money struggles and obtain the financial freedom they deserve.

Sebastian Denholm is an avid supporter of equality of chances worldwide. He is the driving force behind Art Payments and the promoter of more financial freedom for everyone.

"It is my fundamental belief that we can come together globally and ease the financial strain subjugating our brothers and sisters. This is a time of crisis. But, as history often proved, every crisis provides its opportunities. At Art Payments, we believe that this is the perfect time to bank the unbanked and give people more freedom over their finances. Join us in liberating the world from uncertainty, stress, and pain!"

Sebastian Denholm

Founder and CEO

Our Team

Claire has more than 10 years of experience in the banking world. An expert financial prodigy, she has worked in some of the most prestigious banks worldwide. Now, she has joined the Art Payments team to transform it into tomorrow's no.1 financial platform.

Claire Brewer

CFO and Financial Expert

A Wall Street veteran, Jordan is one of the country’s top financial advisors. His contribution to Art Payments is priceless and ensures that our users get the best possible financial understanding.

Jordan David

Accountant and Financial Analyst

Rosa is one of the first Art Payments employees new users meet upon joining the app. Her friendly personality and solid experience in customer relations make using the app a smooth and enjoyable experience.

Rosa Torresani

Customer Service Specialist

Morris is the brain behind the app's extensive database of information and protocols. He is responsible for making Art Payments accessible and easy for anyone.

Morris Conroy

Data Analyst

Evan created the app's website and ensured its maintenance. Art Payments benefits from his 20+ years of experience in building some of the best websites out there. Thanks to his talent and innovative mind, the app and its website are easy to navigate and use.

Evan Rickards

Website developer